Acupuncture works by enabling the body to heal itself. It works in a series of treatments and the effects are cumulative. In a sense, an acupuncture treatment 'reminds' the body how to function when it is healthy ~ moving easily & without pain, all of the systems working smoothly and efficiently, emotions are calm, steady, and happy, & sleeping is peaceful. Acupuncture establishes homeostasis, or balance, by reminding the body how everything is 'supposed to work' together; how the systems (endocrine, reproductive, immune, metabolism...) function when they are healthy- without disease and illness, & that pain is an alarm that something else is in need of healing!

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From the 3000 year old Chinese medicine perspective, acupuncture works by facilitating the movement of Qi throughout the body, which directly impacts the body’s ability to function properly and nourishes our cells, tissues, organs. The concept of ‘qi’ originates from what the Chinese call ” life force” or animating energy”, and is found in nature and all living beings and is responsible for creating harmony and balance in health. If qi is blocked an does not flow freely, pain and illness will result; similar to a dam in a river. Acupuncture stimulates the smooth flow of qi, which influences everything from facial beauty with younger-looking skin, to stronger, healthier immune systems, to properly functioning digestion. Factors that influence qi are nutrition, sleep, exercise, trauma (physical and emotional), environment, lifestyle choices, stress, and genetics.



  • During my breast cancer treatments, I began receiving acupuncture from Sarah on a weekly basis, and it has helped me immensely, through an extremely trying time in my life. Not only did I start to feel better physically – acupuncture has helped me feel more clear mentally, and less overwhelmed emotionally as well.”


  • As an athletic trainer, I can highly recommend acupuncture for improving recuperation time for healing an injury or surgery; My acupuncture treatments are also a key part of my health maintenance program. ​


  • I have experienced relief from my awful pms and painful periods – and now, do not miss any more work days since my acupuncture treatments!



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