As we go into the new year 2018 together, Id like to share the top 3 most simple, favorite, nourishing tips that we give in our clinic to feel better and be better…
1. Speak kindly to yourself. Shift that voice inside your head to be supportive, gentle, encouraging, and non-judgmental. Talk to yourself as you would a friend. That running to-do list? -At the end of the day, pat yourself on the back for what you DID accomplish! When you look in the mirror- bypass the wrinkles and announce “It’s a GOOD-lookin’ day! (With extra enthusiasm if your young daughter is watching;) Tap into your inner dork, and discover your funny side again. We all have it.
2. Notice how you feel 20 minutes to 3 hours after you eat something. Full, and then hungry soon after? Nourished, comfortable and content? Did your food give you energy to support you through your day, or make you tired? Quality food nourishes our body and mind, giving us physical energy and strength and mental clarity and focus. Eat the colors of the rainbow – in nature, not from a Skittles packet!
3. Breathe. Best and most challenging tip I dish out ever, over and over. Really breathe. With a big HUGE exhale and let it all go… Then do it again, 3 more times. Did you know the tops of your lungs go up to your clavicles or collar bones? Most people barely belly breathe. Most people have a very uncomfortable time exhaling. Breathe out what you want to let go; Breathe in possibilities, opportunities, hope…whatever you want to let in, accept, become. Work it.
So, the thoughts that fire, wire. Meaning, our thoughts fire neurons in our brains which create or wire pathways: What we think changes our brains. What you believe to be true, is. Regarding the food- unless you are a baby cow, dairy is not the healthiest choice. (More on that to come;) And, even just 3 quality deep breathes can start tapping into your happy endorphins- serotonin, oxytocin…You know- the same feel good ones that you feel after an acupuncture treatment.
That’s it! Practice any 1 of those tips and things will start shifting for you. Adopt all 3 and you may just bust out with your happy-dance because you feel so good! Happy New Year to you!
-Sarah Newman Kalb, Acupuncture Physician @ Vitality Acupuncture LLC
913 Gulf Breeze Parkway #15A
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561