Emotional Holidays

Holidays can be an emotional time for people. We are invested in the people we love and our relationships. Holidays are generally spent with the people closest to us & who matter the most, so of course our emotions are more intense at this time of year, especially!

Wouldn’t it be nice to ease into the holiday season feeling emotionally calm and balanced and able to focus on our loved ones and the quality time spent with them, in a peaceful & harmonious manner?

Just a few acupuncture treatments can get you their back to your calm & capable self; it helps lighten the load of anxiety, stress and worry and opens up the door for joy, laughter & relaxed comfortability with people you care about:) ~ Call today to schedule just a few treatments for a peaceful holiday season!


By Sarah Newman, Acupuncture Physician, MAOM

Acupuncture Physician, Health Consultant &Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner; NCCAOM Board Certified