Acupuncture Works!

Acupuncture works in a series of treatments, similar to physical therapy, radiation therapy or exercise, & the effects are cumulative – very often long-lasting or permanent. The way Acupuncture works is by triggering the release of the supercharged energy molecule, ATP= adenosine triphosphate, which is made in each of our cells and is present and necessary for ALL of our bodys’ processes and functions to occur.

ATP breaks down to adenosine & 2 phosphates, & can convert back again to ATP, depending on what the body needs at the time.  Acupuncture is most well known for treating pain. Adenosine is released during acupuncture & has anti-inflammatory effects & mediates all types of pain: acute, chronic, & neuropathic.

The reason Acupuncture is effective to treat so MANY different conditions, is because ATP & adenosine are present in ALL cells, in ALL body tissues, in ALL body systems, & used for ALL body functions!

In a sense, an acupuncture treatment ‘reminds’ the body how to function when it is healthy ~ moving easily & without pain, all of the systems working smoothly and efficiently, emotions are calm, steady, and happy, with quality sleep! Acupuncture establishes homeostasis, or balance, by reminding the body how everything is ‘supposed to work’ together; how the systems (endocrine, reproductive, immune, cardiovascular, digestive, metabolism…) function when they are healthy- without disease and illness, & pain free!

ATP, the supercharged energy molecule in each of our cells, is the modern day equivalent of Qi, the energy described in Acupuncture & Chinese medicine.

From the 3000 year old Chinese medicine perspective, acupuncture works by promoting the movement of Qi, or energy, throughout the body, which directly impacts the body’s ability to function properly and nourishes our cells, tissues, organs. The concept of ‘qi’ originates from what the Chinese call ” life force” or animating energy”, it is found in nature and all living beings and is responsible for creating harmony and balance in health. If qi is blocked and does not flow freely, pain and illness will result…

In other words, ATP needs to be made available or accessible for our body to use, in order to function properly. Acupuncture stimulates the smooth flow of qi, by triggering the release of ATP for us to use, as needed.  This method is also referred to as “Purinergic Signalling”, due to the components of ATP, (adenenosine and 2 phosphates), being purines.

These findings are credited to the work of neurobiologist & nobel prize winner, Geoffrey Burnstock, president of the Autonomic Neuroscience Center @ UCL Medical School, who coined the term “Purinergic Signalling”, discovered in the 1970’s.


Why All Athletes Should Try Acupuncture | STACK


Tips for the Best Kind of Wealth ~ Your Health!

Exercise yields Happiness:)

How Ho Make Your Healthy Changes Stick & Feel Like YOU Again!
1 Decide what you would like your goal or outcome to be. For example, to be pain free, have more energy, or to just be happier…
Realize you can adjust and you are in control of your sleep, the food you choose to put into your body & taking advantage of your exercise opportunities. Those three things alone have a huge impact on how you feel everyday!
2 Choose one easy thing that you could trade out for a healthier upgrade. For example, instead of reaching for soda, drink water. Notice how you feel at the end of the week.
3 When you go grocery shopping shop the perimeter of the store where the REAL, WHOLE, actual foods are! Read ingredients: if you don’t recognize them or there are more than 5- it’s probably not actual food and your body won’t be able to use it as fuel for energy. Worse, it will cause damage to your body.
4 Add a vegetable to your plate with each meal. Eat the rainbow! (Not the Skittles rainbow;) The fruit & vegetable rainbow!
5 Eat dinner for breakfast. Include a vegetable you enjoy.
6 Trade out your dairy products for almond milk or coconut milk. Dairy makes phlegm/plaque and we’re not baby cows!
7 Add a small amount of protein with each meal. An awesome superfood is quinoa: easy to cook; just like rice, yet packed with proteins and amino acids which are the Lego building blocks of your body!
8 Do not take your cell phone to bed with you! choose a reasonable bedtime for you to get enough hours of sleep in put your cell phone in sleep mode and move it at least four feet away from your head.
9 Choose three things you’re thankful for each day & say them out loud either a dinner or before you go to bed at night or as soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning. Thankful people are happier people.
10 3 times throughout the day take 3 quality deep breaths with long complete exhales. Notice how you feel. This has an immediate calming effect on your whole body and all of your major organs.
11 Play and listen to the song weightless. It reduces anxiety by 65%. (Google neuroscience and Weightless by Marconi Union.
12 Be aware of your posture. Hold your head over your shoulders & put a smile on your face. Even placing your muscles into that position releases feel-good, happy endorphins in your brain. Amy Cuddy is the author of Presence & her TED talk about posture – how it affects your mood, attitude & confidence, immediately.
Remember: the hardest part is getting started. Pat yourself on the back for what you have accomplished each day! Recognize what you enjoy and what works for you based on how you feel. If you eat something and it makes you tired instead of giving you energy, next time make the healthier food choice. If you’re too tired to exercise after dinner, try taking a walk in the morning.


Heartache, Health & Happiness

Published in Elephant Journal 2019!

Opportunities for kindness ~

It’s World Kindness day on Wednesday November 13th. World kindness may seem overwhelming, but a firefly spark of kindness initiates the butterfly effect. One small gesture may make someone else’s life easier or happier. It could be a smile in passing, an honest compliment or a few minutes of your attention with eye contact;)

Ever notice in the midst of heartache, hurt or being hammered on, it’s a small act of kindness that can make your heart melt ~ just because someone noticed and took the time to care. The cool thing is, that act of kindness, the feeling of being cared for and caring for someone else, can change the neurological pathways in your brain & stimulate the release of happy, feel good endorphins in your body – for the gifter and the giftee! Both being and doing kind makes people feel seen, heard, validated, acknowledged, appreciated and to a degree, loved.
While writing this my daughter said, “Heartache?! That’s not good!” But we talked about how through heartache, it lends perspective for what another person may be experiencing, which is empathy. Understanding, making the time to understand another person, is kindness.

Opportunities for kindness are everywhere! Tying a little kid’s shoe; letting someone else have the parking space; holding the door; putting your super-smart-phone down as soon as someone starts talking to you and looking at their much more interesting and animated cute face; saying thank-you! And… The hug; the hug is kind. A 30 second hug can boost your immune system: for both people!

Kindness is a gift given freely with no expectation, but the gift of kindness has an exponential return on investment yielding health and happiness for yourself and others. This Wednesday, on World Kindness day, I would encourage you to notice your opportunities for kindness & take them! You may not see the butterfly effect that was initiated from your kindness, but notice how you feel, and then go from there.


Emotional Holidays

Holidays can be an emotional time for people. We are invested in the people we love and our relationships. Holidays are generally spent with the people closest to us & who matter the most, so of course our emotions are more intense at this time of year, especially!

Wouldn’t it be nice to ease into the holiday season feeling emotionally calm and balanced and able to focus on our loved ones and the quality time spent with them, in a peaceful & harmonious manner?

Just a few acupuncture treatments can get you their back to your calm & capable self; it helps lighten the load of anxiety, stress and worry and opens up the door for joy, laughter & relaxed comfortability with people you care about:) ~ Call today to schedule just a few treatments for a peaceful holiday season!


Acupuncture 101

Tinnitus & TMJ Relief With Acupuncture

Tinnitus and TMJ often dissipate and are alleviated with an acupuncture treatment series, due to the relaxation response that acupuncture initiates.  The calming neurotransmitters, such as acetylcholine, for example, are released with acupuncture, easing stress and jaw tension.  Often, TMJ and tinnitus are present with high- stress, multitasking, type A personality people.  Acupuncture is extremely effective at calming the mind, especially when these personality types are in a constant state of overthinking or overanalyzing.

Tinnitus and TMJ due to injury or inflammation

Right away upon needle insertion acupuncture stimulates the release of anti-inflammatories at the site of injury and throughout the bloodstream. Pro-inflammatory cytokines are inhibited, as illustrated in the following study, showing the circuitry of the inflammatory reflex regulating  inflammation : neural (

The vagus nerve, in particular when stimulated;there’s an actual vagus nerve acupuncture point located on the ear, inhibits cytokine production. In other words, slowing down the inflammation response within the body- calming tinnitus and relaxing jaw tension with TMJ.

Acupuncture is a realistic solution for resolving tinnitus and TMJ

Tinnitus can be debilitating for people, interfering with their daily activities such as driving as it can impair balance and stability, resulting in vertigo and more stress. Often, people stop socializing, as background noise will exacerbate tinnitus, and become isolated and depressed.  In my practice patients have even expressed they were told to “learn to live with it,” or that “they would get used to it”. It can be frustrating and scary when there is no hope for solution in sight. My purpose for writing this article is to bring awareness and offer hope to people, that tinnitus and TMJ have been effectively treated with an acupuncture series administered by a properly trained acupuncturist.  Search for one in your area by visiting the website for an acupuncturist who has been through 3.5 years of an accredited Masters program, with 3500+ clinical hours of training.  Or, if you’re in the Pensacola Beach area, the author, Sarah Newman Kalb is the acupuncture physician of Vitality Acupuncture LLC.