Acupuncture 101

Tinnitus & TMJ Relief With Acupuncture

Tinnitus and TMJ often dissipate and are alleviated with an acupuncture treatment series, due to the relaxation response that acupuncture initiates.  The calming neurotransmitters, such as acetylcholine, for example, are released with acupuncture, easing stress and jaw tension.  Often, TMJ and tinnitus are present with high- stress, multitasking, type A personality people.  Acupuncture is extremely effective at calming the mind, especially when these personality types are in a constant state of overthinking or overanalyzing.

Tinnitus and TMJ due to injury or inflammation

Right away upon needle insertion acupuncture stimulates the release of anti-inflammatories at the site of injury and throughout the bloodstream. Pro-inflammatory cytokines are inhibited, as illustrated in the following study, showing the circuitry of the inflammatory reflex regulating  inflammation : neural (

The vagus nerve, in particular when stimulated;there’s an actual vagus nerve acupuncture point located on the ear, inhibits cytokine production. In other words, slowing down the inflammation response within the body- calming tinnitus and relaxing jaw tension with TMJ.

Acupuncture is a realistic solution for resolving tinnitus and TMJ

Tinnitus can be debilitating for people, interfering with their daily activities such as driving as it can impair balance and stability, resulting in vertigo and more stress. Often, people stop socializing, as background noise will exacerbate tinnitus, and become isolated and depressed.  In my practice patients have even expressed they were told to “learn to live with it,” or that “they would get used to it”. It can be frustrating and scary when there is no hope for solution in sight. My purpose for writing this article is to bring awareness and offer hope to people, that tinnitus and TMJ have been effectively treated with an acupuncture series administered by a properly trained acupuncturist.  Search for one in your area by visiting the website for an acupuncturist who has been through 3.5 years of an accredited Masters program, with 3500+ clinical hours of training.  Or, if you’re in the Pensacola Beach area, the author, Sarah Newman Kalb is the acupuncture physician of Vitality Acupuncture LLC.